Athletic Mouthwear

Custom Mouthguards

Professionally made dental mouth guards offer the highest level of protection for both professional and amateur athletes. A dental mouth guard is proven to better protect your jaw, tongue, and cheeks while preventing dental traumas such as fractured teeth, grinding and tooth loss. Athletes who play contact sports, or who may have accidental impacts with hard surfaces most frequently use dental mouth guards.

Benefits of A Dental Mouth Guard

When compared to store-bought mouth guards, professional dental mouth guards are much more comfortable, resistant to tears, and easier to clean. Most importantly, dentist made mouth guards are thin, meaning that they won’t obstruct your breathing or speech like many store-bought varieties. Your custom mouth guard can typically be made in one to two business days for a minimal fee.

Care and Cleaning

Your custom made guard can be cleaned with traditional dental cleaning products. For proven tips on taking good care of your Performance Mouthwear, ask Dr. Janushewski or your hygienist to provide you with specific instructions about the best cleaning methods.